Wednesday, February 18, 2015

New Resource for Researching Abandoned Children in Sicily and Hospital Records

FamilySearch has an exciting set of microfilmed records titled "Riveli di beni e anime di Sicilia (comuni vari), 1730-1823." From the title, one might think that the resource contains records of the parish census (some call these "manorial records") that were called Riveli in Sicily.

However, the description in FamilySearch's catalog dispels this notion and reveals what could be an awesome resource for those researching abandoned children in the late 18th and early 19th century. Additionally, some hospital records are also included.

"Miscellaneous and administrative hospital records and records of orphans born in Sicily. Volumes include a variety of cities from throughout Sicily. Some records are administrative only and do not contain names. Hospital records often will include names of residents and their illnesses. Orphan records may include the names of the mothers, if known, or may name adoptive parents." 
--- FamilySearch catalog

There are 52 microfilms of these records. Some microfilms are noted to contain the records of certain towns and others are noted to contain the records of various towns.

Watch for future posts that will show examples of these records and what genealogical information can be gleaned from them!

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