Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Digitization of Parish Records Underway in Ischia and Procida

La Grande Famille De Procida & Ischia is a non-profit organization which has been digitizing the parish records of these two islands, which are located in the Gulf of Naples, since before 2004.  They also plan to digitize the records of Capri, Monte di Procida, Ponza, and Ventotene.

100% of the parish records in Procida have been digitized and 50% of them are up on the website in index form.  They have begun digitization of several parishes in Ischia but the project is not as advanced on this island.

If your ancestors came from these islands it would be to your advantage to join this association and gain access to the records being digitized.  Their membership fee is a reasonable 40 Euro. 

Also, in coordination with the archives in Naples, you are able to obtain rccords of children who were abandoned in Santissima Annunziata in Naples.  I don't know of any other project to make available the records of abandoned children so this is an extremely valuable resource.

They have an English version of some of their website's pages so check it out!

Blog Makes FamilyTree Magazine's Top 40!

I found out yesterday that FamilyTree Magazine named this blog as one of the top 40 blogs for international research!

FamilyTree Magazine's Top 40

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