Sunday, September 30, 2012

Genealogical Database Online - Muro Lucano, Potenza Province

On the internet, there is a wide variety of Italian-Americans who have abstracted the indexes to the civil record's of the Comuni [towns] that their ancestors came from in Italy.  Ocassionally, I will highlight a particularly good database or website on a town or province.

Today I want to bring your attention to the Muro Lucano Genealogical Website.  Not only does it contain a database of abstracted indexes, it provides good information and links on Italian genealogy in general, and gives contact information for the city hall, where the civil records are kept. 

"The City Hall is located in Via Roma 39, phone ++39 0976 75111, fax ++39 0976 75111; the E-Mail address is Phone Number: (+39) 0976-75111; Fax: (+39) 0976-71917."

There are also two discussion forums, Genereal Discussion and Surnames, where you can interact with other descendants of this town.

Even if your ancestors do not hail from this town, take the time to look at this website.  It is very well designed!