Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Updates to Portale Antenati (Main Italian Archives Website)

In keeping with their objective to digitize all civil registers held in Italian state/provincial archives and post them on the internet, the Portale Antenati website is continuously being updated with more records. Below are the records that have been uploaded since January 2014.

March 2014 - Genoa State Archives is complete, 246,957 images from 3,210 napoleonic registers

February 2014 - Updated online index with Modena births for the years 1817-1902. Also, the Lucca State Archives is complete, 89,811 images from 970 napoleonic registers.

January 2014 - Completed Mercato District and the Santissima Annunziata [home of abandoned children] in Napoli, 1,195,449 images of napoleonic, restoration, and Italian civil registers.

See the website linked above for more information on this project.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Learning to Cite Italian Genealogical Records

Below are several examples which will help you learn to cite Italian genealogical records. The purpose of citing our work is so that we, and other researchers, can follow our work. Additionally, in this way, we can judge the strength of the evidence found and, if needed, reevaluate the documents for evidence to support a genealogical conclusion.

To Cite a Civil Marriage Promise Found on FamilySearch Microfilm

Noci, Bari Province, Italy, “Registro di Atti di Solenne Promessa di Matrimonio [Register of Acts of Solemn Promise of Marriage or Marriage Promise], 1836,” record 8, page 19, marriage promise of Antonio Schiavo and Celestina Maria Martina; Family History Library microfilm #1,603,400.

To Cite a Civil Death Record Found at a Town Archive

Ne, Genova Province, Italy, “Registro degli Atti di Morti [Register of Acts of Death], 1882,” record 41, death record of Concetta Piccone; Comune di [Town of] Ne, Piazza del Mosto, n. 2, 16040 Ne (GE), Italy.

To Cite a Stati d’Anime [Parish Census]

Clusone, Bergamo Province, Italy, “Status Animarum, Parrochie Cluxonis, 1833 usque 1842” [Parish Census for the Parishes of Clusone between 1833-1842], record kept progressively, page number not given, likely household number 3 in Tonet al Paghér, parish census entry for the Saverio Rostini Family; Basilicata di Santa Maria Assunta, Via Brasi, no. 11, 24023 Clusone, Italy. 

To Cite a Civil Birth Record Found Online at FamilySearch

Bari, Bari Province, Italy, “Registro di Atti di Nascita  [Register of Acts of Birth], 1851”: record 162, p. 162, image 3002, birth record of Maddalena Fusco; digitized images, FamilySearch ( : accessed 15 November 2013).

[You could also shorten the url to just but be sure to include the access date as changes are constantly being made to the digital locations of documents such as these.]

To Cite a Military Conscription Record Found at a Provincial Archives

Lucca Province, Italy, "Liste di Leva [Conscription Lists]," record 1, year: 1897, military conscription record of Simone Parchese; Archivio di Stato di Lucca [Provincial Archives of Lucca], P.zza Guidiccioni, 8, 55100 Lucca, Italy, conserved amongst the papers of the “R. Prefettura di Lucca,” military conscription office number 854, conscriptees from the town of Lucca.