Monday, June 3, 2013

Certificate of Poverty

These documents are nearly always found as part of a couple's marriage supplements.  Take the record below:

The below-signed Mayor
That Luigi Rosati[,] son of Giuseppe[,]
and Maddalena Damiani[,] daughter of the deceased Agotino[,]
born and residing in this Town
They are notoriously poor.
In witness thereof,
The Town Hall of Abbradia S [San] Salvatore
Them 10 November 1889
For the Mayor
[illegible signature]
I found this record particularly interesting because they used the word "notoriously," not a word commonly found describing a person's financial condition.  These records were required in the marriage supplements when a couple was poor and couldn't pay the fees necessary to file the marriage documents. 
Looking further into other documents within the marriage supplements, I was able to verify that the groom's surname is spelled Rosati (it is hard to read in this document) and that the bride's father is really named  Agostino.   Always look further for other examples of a name if you are unsure of the spelling in a particular document.


Order Sons of Italy Death Benefit Enrollment Cards

The image below shows how much information about an ancestor can be derived from this resource:

The deceased was Lauranna [?] Teresa Cerminara who was a member of the Figli della Liberti Lodge.  She was the daughter of the deceased Antonino Cerminara and was forty-nine years old at her death on 18 October 1977.  She was part of the family of Giuseppe Cerminara (likely her husband), age fifty.

These records are available via

Birth Records in Trentino, Italy

There is a new website where a database of the birth records of Trentino, Italy are being posted.  It is still under construction but the project is exciting and will be very useful to those with ancestors from this town. 

Between 1815-1923, the parishes of this town kept the birth registers.  These records are what is being used for this project.  Versions of this webpage are available in Italian, English, Portuguese, Spanish, and others.

I've included a link to the project below!

Nati in Trentino - 1815-1923